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Safe deposit boxes

To meet your needs and provide security for your valuables, CKB offers you the possibility of renting a safe deposit box or depot services.

Different dimensions of safe deposit boxes and different rental periods, favourable rental prices and the security we guarantee will surely meet your expectations.

Target clients

Safe deposit boxes can be used by individuals and entities, residents and non-residents.


You can keep your valuables in safe deposit boxes: documents, securities, numismatic and philatelic collections, etc. with maximum satisfaction of secrecy and security.


Items that may jeopardize the safety of other safe deposit boxes and the Bank employees and premises (items that are flammable, explosive, subject to decay and decomposition, etc.) are not accepted.

You can get more information by contacting CKB Contact Centre 19894.

Documents required

  • Application for using a safe deposit box
  • Copy of the identity card or passport

It is also possible to authorize other persons to use the safe deposit box.