ckb gradjani transakcioni racuni

CKB Transaction Accounts for National Payments

Transaction Account for National Payments which you can open with our Bank will meet your daily needs and ensure a simple access to other modern banking products and services like cards, SMS reporting or e-banking.

You can open the account in any of the branches of our Bank, under a quick and easy procedure.

Target clients

CKB Transaction Accounts for National Payments are intended for all residents or non-residents in Montenegro, whether employed or not.


  • Account opening procedure is very simple, it is enough to show your valid ID
  • Account opening is free of charge and along with it the client receives CKB Visa Classic Debit Contactless Card and CKB MasterCard Debit Contactless Card
  • Your money is available as soon as credited to your account, without waiting for the Bank's accounting processes, and is immediately available on all the cards connected to your transaction account
  • Possibility to use other products and services, such as cards, e-banking, SMS reporting
  • Possibility to establish a standing order for different purposes
  • More favourable lending conditions

Additional benefits

In addition to handling their own funds, the account holders with regular income can profit from overdraft ranging from 30% of their monthly income to 3 monthly salaries. 

  • An identification document (ID card, passport)


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