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Overdraft of transaction account (CKB overdraft)

Use your additional resources at any time, the way that suits you the best.


  • Loan is approved up to the amount of 3 salaries/pensions
  • Interest is charged on the amount used only
  • For overdrafts up to the amount of one monthly pension, no administrative pension withholding order is required
  •  No limit on the maximum age of the client

General requirements

  • Client's age must be minimum 21 at the time of application
  • The loan ranges from €50 to €5,000 for employees and from €50 to €1,500 for pensioners
  • Repayment period: 36 months
  • A fixed interest rate applies

Loan security

  • Administrative salary/pension withholding order
  • Bill of exchange and authorization for the bill of exchange issued by the
  • Guarantor (optionally)

Documents required

  • Credit limit application form
  • Personal data form
  • Signed copy of the identification document or copy of the residence permit, for a non-resident
  • Administrative salary/pension withholding order for the loan applicant
  • Employment certificate (not older than 30 days) or a pension cheque
  • Bill of exchange
  • Consent for access to the Credit Bureau Register (RKB) and copy of payment order for RKB

Condition list for retail loans

The Bank reserves the right to request additional security or documents, if considered necessary.

After gathering the necessary documentation and signing the loan application, please visit one of our branches, where you can apply for an overdraft.

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