ckb gradjani transakcioni racuni

CKB Transaction Accounts for International Payments

CKB Transaction Account for International Payments is used for receiving any kind of inflows from abroad (your salary, foreign pension, inheritance, gifts etc.) and for sending any payments abroad. The account is available to both residents and non-residents in Montenegro.

International payments

Receiving money from abroad by way of Loro remittances, as the most efficient and safest international payment instrument, makes your money available under the most favourable conditions and taking the least time.   

The bank instructions, which have to be submitted to the principal, can be obtained when opening a CKB Transaction Account for International Payments or when needed by the client in any of our branches.

Money from abroad will be paid in the currency in which it reached the recipient's bank.

SWIFT Code of Crnogorska komercijalna banka is CKBCMEPG.

Sending money abroad (Nostro remittances) allows the clients to send their funds for different purposes (scholarship, gifts...) safely to the destination, with the enclosed evidence (invoice, pro forma invoice, agreement…) regarding the payment purpose.

For our Account Officers to be able to make an appropriate payment order, they need to receive the recipient's bank instructions including the following details:

  • Name, surname and address of the recipient
  • IBAN number of the recipient (combination of letters and numbers indicating the recipient’s account number and his commercial bank)
  • Name, registered office and SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank
  • Correspondent bank details

The fees related to international payments can be covered by:

  • principal (OUR − the fee is increased by the actual costs of correspondent banks) – the principal covers all the costs
  • beneficiary (BEN – the fee is defined by the beneficiary's, i.e. recipient’s bank) – all the costs are covered by the beneficiary or
  • be shared (SHA – the fees are defined by both the principal's and beneficiary's banks) – the principal and the beneficiary share the costs

Additional service

Crnogorska komercijalna banka performs the operations of buying and selling the foreign currency notes and bank’s cheques.


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