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CKB and EBRD incentives for energy efficiency projects in households

In exclusive cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), we present the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF), aimed at supporting investments in green technologies within the GEFF project for the Western Balkans.

The Green Economy Financing Facility provides funding for energy efficient technologies in households in Montenegro.

Target clients

CKB incentives for energy efficiency projects in households are intended for residents and non-residents with regulated employment and residence in Montenegro, company employees with temporary and permanent jobs, seafarers, pensioners, entrepreneurs (operating for at least a year), and clients with other kinds of regular provable income.


  • Incentive of up to 20% of investment paid directly to your transaction account
  • Investing in green economy is of benefit to both you and the environment
  • Higher level of energy efficiency by introducing high-performing technologies that save energy and/or use renewable energy sources
  • Higher household budget due to reduced related costs
  • Greater equipment reliability
  • A more comfortable home
  • Increased value of your real estate


The products from our regular offer will be used under this facility:

For CKB cash loans, the maximum amount that can be approved to an individual is EUR 20,000, for CKB home equity loans EUR 50,000, while for CKB loans for reconstruction and refurbishment the maximum amount is EUR 30,000.

If you choose one technology, you are entitled to an incentive of 15% of the invested amount. However, if you opt for two or more technologies, then you are entitled to an incentive of up to 20% of the investment.

What is a Technology Selector?

The Technology Selector is an online catalogue of high-performing technologies that have been assessed and pre-approved as eligible for GEFF financial support.

It includes the following technology categories:

  • Insulation for walls and roof
  • Windows, doors and glazing
  • Gas boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Lighting
  • Biomass boilers/stoves
  • Solar thermal water heaters
  • Solar photovoltaic installations (PV)
  • Balanced mechanical ventilation
  • Heating systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Air conditioners

Eligible projects include the financing of these technologies as well as the costs of auxiliary materials, delivery and installation up to a defined maximum percentage of the technology cost, which will be included in the base for incentive payment.

For more details about technologies and percentages of additional costs, see here.

At the following link you can find a list of partners where you can use the incentive for energy efficiency projects in your household.


Documents required:

Along with the standard documentation, it is necessary to submit:


How to apply:

  1. Go to the Technology Selector and choose the technologies you want to implement and print the Eligibility Certificate.
  2. Obtain the pro-forma invoice from your selected vendor/distributor for the selected technologies.
  3. Choose CKB as the only partner bank in Montenegro and apply for a GEFF loan.
  4. Install the technology.
  5. Apply for an incentive using the VMS application or by submitting a request directly to the Bank.
  6. The GEFF team will verify the eligible cost of the installed technology.
  7. Upon successful confirmation, the Bank will pay the approved financial incentive to your transaction account.


For more information on the criteria, follow the link.

For technical eligibility criteria, see the GEFF link.


GEFF for the Western Balkans is implemented within the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP Plus) and is supported by a grant from the European Union (EU), the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) and the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria (BMF).



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