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3D Secure

Crnogorska komercijalna banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of MasterCard and VISA,  even greater security in transactions on the Internet by introducing a new system of additional data verification “3D Secure“.

3D Secure is an international security standard for verifying the accuracy of the cardholder data when paying on the Internet and was developed in order to prevent card abuses, i.e. unauthorized use by third parties.


Safer online purchases – The advantages of this system are safe transfer of payment information when performing online purchases, with the participation of the buyer in the transaction payment, as well as control of unauthorized use of the card.

SMS code as an additional ID verification – 3D secure system protects against the risk of fraud on the Internet in a way that cardholders, when shopping on the Internet, receive password via SMS to their mobile phone number registered in out Bank in order to confirm their identity. This reduces the possibility of card misuse by an unauthorized person to a minimum because the purchase can be realized only after entering a password.

Free for all CKB clients – Crnogorska komercijalna banka has enabled 3D Secure system for free for all users of VISA and MasterCard cards issued by our Bank.

To shop online safely, follow the following steps:

  • Have an active Mastercard or VISA card – If you want to shop online safely with 3D Secure additional identification, you need to have an active Mastercard or VISA card.
  • Activate 3D Secure service – To be able to pay online with your card safely, you must be included in the secure shopping program, i.e. you must activate the 3D Secure service for the card you are making the payment with. If the 3D Secure service is not activated, you can do this by sending a request via the CKB GO application or by visiting one of our branches.
  • Select the product and enter card details – Select the products and services you wish to purchase, then go to the payment page and enter the requested data (requested data is most commonly: name and surname printed on the card, card number, card validity date, CVV2 CVC2).
  • Check whether 3D Secure service is activated – After confirming the payment, the website will automatically connect to the Bank and check whether the card is activated for use of 3D Secure service.
  • Receive password via SMS – If the 3D Secure service is active, a window will appear on your screen with the basic details of the transaction, your identification data and a request to enter one-time password. Make sure your data (transaction amount, last four digits on the card and personal data) is correct. In the meantime, you will get the password on your phone number registered in our database.
  • Enter the password and make your purchase – Enter the received password and confirm the entry. If the password is correct, the Bank will confirm your authenticity to the seller. The merchant will send an inquiry to the Bank about the available funds on the account and the proper card status, after which the payment will be made successfully.

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