ckb gradjani osoguranje

Insurance agency – Wiener Städtische life insurance

CKB, licensed as insurance agent, offers its clients a possiblity to obtain life insurance policies in all of its branches, acting in cooperation with its life insurance partner - Wiener Städtische životno osiguranje a.d. Podgorica.

Riziko insurance

Riziko insurance is a life risks insurance product that covers the death event only. It does not have the character of savings and is a term insurance.

Why Riziko insurance?

  • If you lead a stressful, dynamic life and if you are exposed to a number of risks on a daily basis: from traffic accidents to injuries at work and other similar situations – in case the worst happens, you will provide financial support for your loved ones;
  • If you are taking a cash loan or a housing loan, Riziko Insurance provides security for the family in the event of the death of the borrower.

Choose one of the offered options and enter into an insurance contract in CKB branches throughout Montenegro.

Riziko insurance with a declining sum insured

This is a special type of Riziko insurance that serves exclusively as your home loan security.

The sum insured  will be reduced in line with the remaining debt to the bank, according to the annuity plan issued by Wiener Stadtische. In the event of the death of the borrower, Wiener Stadtische life insurance will directly settle all the borrower's obligations under the loan, in accordance with the annuity plan.

The last two years of the premium payment period at Riziko Insurance with declining sum insured are FREE OF CHARGE!

Riziko insurance with a fixed sum insured

The Riziko policy with a fixed sum insured guarantees the same life insurance amount for the entire duration of the contract without increasing the premium.

In the event of death of the client/the insured person, the Bank will collect the money up to the loan liability amount and the remaining sum will be paid to the family.