Visa Signature

The CKB VISA Signature contactless card is an international debit card that, in addition to providing simple and secure fund management, offers outstanding features and services designed for those who value quality, security, and comfort.

Who is it for?

The CKB Visa Signature debit card is exclusively designed for Private Banking clients. It is intended for customers who appreciate personalized service, exclusivity, access to a wide range of privileges, security, and comfort during their travels.

Advantages of the CKB Visa Signature card:

You can find all current offers and discounts, as well as all the benefits and privileges provided by Visa to Signature cardholders, at the following link: Offers and privileges | Visa (

In addition to the basic services available with any of our Bank's debit cards, the CKB Visa Signature card also provides a set of additional benefits through the mentioned services:

Lounge Key Service – Unlimited free access to VIP lounges at over 1200 airports worldwide for Visa Signature cardholders + free entry for 2 guests on each visit. Additional guest visits are available through the Lounge Key service at a reasonable price.

More at: Lounge key | Visa (

International Travel and Health Insurance with coverage up to $750,000 – Enjoy additional protection while traveling with health insurance services, protection of purchased products, and extended warranties. Insurance will start automatically if before traveling:

You paid for round-trip tickets with your Visa Signature card

  • you booked and paid for accommodation with your Visa Signature card before traveling
  • you paid for both tickets and accommodation with your Visa Signature card before traveling

More at: Visa Travel Insurance | Visa (

Visa Concierge Service is a service that offers support to Visa Signature cardholders by professional Visa assistants 24/7. Visa assistants can make restaurant reservations, organize trips, purchase event tickets, assist in gift shopping, and many other benefits.

More at: Concierge and Chatbot | Visa (

The Visa Signature program currently offers nearly 40 benefits in Montenegro and more than 60 partners in Serbia, providing cardholders with access to a wide range of permanent benefits and discounts in several different categories, such as shopping, restaurants, travel, sports, entertainment, and many others.


Insured Events (Visa Signature):

  • Missed flight
  • Missed transit flight
  • Buyer protection
  • Flight delay
  • Baggage delay
  • Medical expenses, including COVID-19 cases
  • Repatriation
  • Cancellation of travel due to COVID-19
  • Cancellation of travel or early return
  • Hospitalization
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance for rental cars
  • Sports
  • Personal items and personal money
  • Emergency medical expenses in the country

When does insurance coverage start?

Insurance will start automatically if before traveling:

You use your Visa Signature card to pre-book accommodation for a minimum of 2 nights, at least 100 km away from your residence.

Note: To ensure that your insurance coverage starts, you must pay for transportation and/or accommodation with your Visa Signature card (in this case, the name on your card must match the name on your cards and/or accommodation reservation).

COVID-19 Insurance?

If you are infected, you are required to inform the insurance company. In this case, you will have to pay all medical expenses yourself, while the compensation claim must be submitted upon return to your country of permanent residence. Such an insured event will be considered a common medical case.

If you have planned and prepaid for your trip, but suddenly fall ill with COVID-19 and the trip is canceled, and a doctor has forced you into mandatory quarantine, you can apply for trip cancellation insurance. You must provide the insurance company with official medical documents confirming your diagnosis to ensure that your claim will be considered.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance for the whole family. If you travel with your family, they will also be insured (spouse and children).

  • Your insurance is valid both in your country of residence and abroad.
  • Insurance for over 50 sports.
  • Insurance protects your purchases from damage or theft.
  • High insurance limit. The maximum amount you can receive in case of insurance is $750,000 for the Visa Signature card.

General Insurance Terms

Please consider filling out the insurance certificate before traveling, as you will be required to present it at customs control.

Duration: 90 days per trip, but not more than 183 days per year. If the trip lasts more than 90 days, it is considered completely uninsured.

Insurance starts and ends upon leaving and entering the country of permanent residence.


What if a health-insured event occurs?

1. First, you should report the incident:

  • To the Visa Concierge service through any communication channel:


Telephone number

0 800 81 21 77










  • call to internaitonal SOS number: +380444993975 / +74959376453 / +442087628373   
  • send an email:

2. Provide the details that the insurance company will use to identify you as a client:

  • Last name, father's name, first name
  • The first 9 digits of your card
  • Business and local contact number

3. In return, the insurance company records the contact and forwards it to the on-duty doctor.

4. The doctor contacts you and provides recommendations on what to do and which clinic to visit.

5. Meanwhile, the insurance company contacts the clinic to keep the situation under control.

6. Keep all receipts, tickets, and other documents confirming the accident for compensation.


Cardholders initially pay all expenses themselves, while the insurance company can reimburse them only after considering the compensation claim. Insurance services do not cover medical expenses incurred by the cardholder after returning to their country of permanent residence.

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