CKB Private Banking

CKB Private Banking

CKB PB Service Package

Take advantage of the products and services within the CKB Private Banking package that best suits your needs.

CKB PB package provide customers with a comprehensive banking service, as well as a number of benefits in the form of various types of insurance and preferential terms for using additional products from the Bank's offer.


  • Private banker at your service for any question regarding financial services
  • Implementation of orders via phone or e-mail, without visiting the Bank branch
  • The possibility of investing money in national and foreign markets
  • Concierge service – Mastercard® service that offers a personal assistant available 24/7, who helps you when booking a place in a restaurant, provides tickets for events, assists in planning and organizing trips etc.
  • LoungeKey service – free access to VIP lounges at over 900 airports around the world. Each subsequent visit is enabled through the Lounge key service at a reasonable price. At the airports in Belgrade, Vienna and Sarajevo, the possibility of free entry to VIP lounges is unlimited.
  • CKB MasterCard® Contactless PB+


  • Travel health insurance GOLD
  • Insurance in case of travel disruptions when using air transport
  • Insurance of financial losses caused by card misuse and some other dangers (Secure Wallet)
  • Providing roadside assistance related to the road vehicle
  • Accident insurance

Preferential terms

  • Free maintenance of CKB accounts for national and international payments
  • No additional fee for use of CKB GO service
  • No additional fee for use of CKB SMS service
  • No additional fee for issuing and using an additional card
  • Accelerated procedure for making payment cards
  • Accelerated processing of loan applications

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