CKB Private Banking

CKB Private Banking

Capital Market Transactions - Securities (National and International Stock Exchanges)

With its professional staff and many years of experience, CKB Bank is a leader in the provision of services related to securities such as shares, bonds and other financial instruments. We provide securities and related cash custody services, investment fund depository services as well as pension fund custody bank services. For more than a decade we have been present and active in the markets: Montenegro Stock Exchange, all stock exchanges in the region, Xetra, Frankfurt, NYSE, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, and many others.


  • Possibility of trading on national, regional and world stock exchanges (thanks to the OTP Group, CKB has access to most world markets)
  • Trading through security holder's/own and collective accounts
  • Keeping financial instruments and cash in segregated accounts, which are not included in the liquidation estate of the Bank
  • You will be notified of corporate activities - shareholders' meetings and announced dividend or interest payments, for the securities in your portfolio
  • Settlement and collection of income based on ownership of securities, such as dividends and interest
  • Representation services at general meetings of companies
  • Reporting on assets held in custody accounts
  • Assistance in fulfilling the client's tax obligations related to the securities legally held by the client

Target clients

The service is intended for any foreign or domestic entity or individual who enters into a contract with the Bank and submits the appropriate documents prescribed by the rules of operation of the custody bank.


Conditions Lists for Custody Services

Conditions Lists for Depository Services