CKB click cash loan

CKB click cash loan

Loan approval in just 30 minutes

Loan amount from €300 to €25,000 (without guarantors)

Loan repayment period from 3 to 120 months

Loan calculator

The loan calculator is for informational purposes only and may not be used for other purposes.

A representative example: For a loan of €25,000 with the repayment period of 6 years, nominal interest rate (NIR) is 6.89% and effective interest rate (EIR) is 7.12%. The sum of total debt and EIR includes interest costs for the entire period in the amount of €5,594.50, the cost of 1 promissory note (€2.00), and the cost of inquiry into the Credit Registry (€3.00). The total amount payable by the client is €30,594.50, while the monthly installment is €424.92. The representative example shows the calculation made on August 24, 2022.



  • Loan approval in 10 minutes with just one visit to the branch
  • Competitive interest rates and loan approval fees
  • Loan amount up to €25,000 without endorsers

How do I apply for a loan?

  • The client has to be at least 21 years old at the time of application and at most 70 years old at the time when the last loan installment becomes due
  • The client has to be a resident who is employed on indefinite term by the employer in Montenegro
  • It is not possible to refinance the existing obligations
  • The application is filed online, regardless of the client's location, during the business hours of the Credit Registry of the Central Bank of Montenegro (8 a.m. – 10 p.m.)

What do I need to apply for a loan?

Frequently asked questions

CKB click cash loan is intended for all resident natural persons employed on an indefinite term by the employers in Montenegro, and who are the clients of CKB (have an open account in our bank).

It is possible to apply for a loan of up to €25,000 with repayment period of up to 96 months.

Security instruments for CKB click cash loan are bill of exchange and bill of exchange authorization, as well as the client's attachment of salary. Optionally, if the client wants, it is possible to submit an insurance policy as additional security for the loan repayment, which may be concluded in the bank.

Yes. If CKB click cash loan is approved, you need to come to the branch within 5 days to sign the loan agreement. You need to bring identification document with you, as well as documents certified by the employer  ̶  certificate of employment, three last salary records, and attachment of salary.  

The application can be canceled by calling CKB Contact Center at 19894. One client has maximum 3 attempts for online application within one month.

It is not possible to close other loans in CKB or another bank with CKB click cash loan.

Of course. In case of early repayment of the loan, the bank does not charge early repayment fee.

Yes, that is correct. The cost of loan approval will not be charged until 30. 6. 2024.

Loan disbursement is made to the transaction account of the borrower.

The loan is repaid in equal monthly installments.