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OTP Express Payments

OTP Express Payment is a service that enables all OTP Group clients to make same-day payments at an affordable fee. It can be used for payments in EUR (euros), USD (US dollars), HUF (Hungarian forints), both outgoing and incoming transfers. It is also an extremely easy-to-use service. To make a foreign payment, you need to submit an invoice or other relevant documents, along with payment instructions, to our foreign payment department, which will then perform the payment instantly.

Target clients

This product can be used by any legal entity having an account opened with CKB and other OTP Group member banks.


  • Quick execution of international payments
  • Inexpensive way to execute international payments
  • Widespread correspondent network of the Bank


Prices within OTP Group

  • Outgoing transfers:
    • 0,15% of the transfer amount, i.e. min. EUR 15, max. EUR 200
    • “cut-off time” (end time to submit payment) is 12:00 a.m. local time (CET)