Mala i srednja preduzeca - Paketi proizvoda 2024

CKB Smart Team package contains:


  • Unlimited number of transaction accounts for all the payments in Montenegro and abroad
  • Unlimited number of debit cards – to pay at POS terminals and withdraw cash at ATMs in the country and abroad
  • CKB GO application, which provides you with simpler and more convenient execution of all transactions - payments and transfers between accounts, as well as with overview of the balances and transactions on all accounts, cards, loans and savings, all without going to a branch and waiting in lines. In addition, you get 3 free payments to partners with an account in CKB, while you complete other transactions faster and even up to 60% cheaper compared to payments in branches.


All of above you get for only 6.95 euros per month.


For the current conditions of products and services, please see the tariff overview.

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