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Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes are intended for companies that wish to put their valuables away in safe deposit boxes of CKB. That includes keeping money, securities, confidential documents and other valuable items.

Items that jeopardize the safety of the Bank or other safe deposit boxes are not accepted.

Target clients

Safe deposit boxes are intended for customers who want a safe place to keep their money, securities, and other valuable items. The Bank guarantees privacy, confidentiality and lack of access to any third parties.


  • Maximum safety
  • Maximum confidentiality and discretion

Additional benefits

A safe deposit box may be accessed only in the presence of the treasury officer and the authorized officer of the legal entity. This contributes to additional safety and keeps trust in the Bank and its overall operations. Employees of the Bank Treasury may not independently access clients safe deposit boxes. The client receives instructions for using the safe (link).

Documents required

  • Application for using a safe deposit box
  • Copy of the identity card or passport of the person who will be authorized to operate the safe on behalf of the company


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