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CKB Commercial Factoring

Do not let that unpaid invoices limit or slow down your business! CKB commercial factoring is one of a kind service on the banking and financial market of Montenegro, taken from very successful practice of the members of OTP Group CKB is a part of. This service enables repurchase of your short-term receivables with maturity of maximum 180 days for goods sold or services performed before they are due for payment.

Target clients

  • Clients who need additional working capital
  • Clients who have commercial contracts and long-term cooperation with their buyers-debtors
  • Clients who want to offer their buyers more favourable payment terms than their competitors


  • Increased business liquidity
  • Without asset encumbrance
  • Commercial factoring works in a way that 70% to 90% of the invoice value less the factoring interests and fees is immediately disbursed to your account while the remaining 10% to 30% of the invoice value is disbursed to your account upon maturity once the buyer of goods or services-debtor pays full invoice value to the bank.

Documents required

  • SME loan application

Documents required

  • Financial statements (balance sheet and income statement ) and trial balance for the previous 2 years (certified by the Commercial Court or the Tax Administration)
  • Financial statements (balance sheet and income statement ) – year to date
  • Analytics of customers and suppliers for the previous year and year to date
  • Consent for access to Credit Register (RKB) from the company and company owner
  • Additional documents


For pricing of our products and services, see our tariffs.