Rental savings

  • Monthly availability of interest as additional income
  • Deposit security and confidentiality
  • Payments to savings account may be made via Internet, Bank counters or other banks

Product description

CKB Rental savings deposit represents a special form of savings deposited for a longer term, allowing clients to withdraw a regular interest during that period – a rental, as an extra income.

For this product, funds may be deposited in several ways:

  • by making a cash payment at the counter – classic payment initiated from the deposit module
  • by making payment via Internet – payment from transaction account to the savings account (transfer of funds via payment orders)
  • by transfer from other banks or general money order – directly to Bank gyro account, specifying the contract reference number
Only one deposit can be made under one contract, i.e. there is no option for subsequent (successive) payments under the same contract.

Product features

  • Withdrawal of funds: Upon maturity, the rental is automatically transferred to a previously opened transaction account, decreased by the belonging amount of capital income tax and it is only then available for payment. Payment of principal is made solely upon the expiry of the deposit term.
  • Term deposit period: Minimum 3 months, and maximum 24 months
  • Currency: Deposits may be in euros only
  • Early payment – term deposit termination: This type of deposit provides no option for early payment and termination of term deposit.
  • Term deposit renewal or withdrawal: The client may choose between two options:
    • Upon maturity of the last rental, such rental may be paid out, decreased by tax amount, and along with the principal, it is then automatically transferred to the transaction account, whereby the contract is automatically terminated
    • If the client chose the renewal option when the contract was made, then upon the maturity of the last rental, it is paid out, decreased by tax amount, and automatically transferred to the transaction account, while the principal deposit is renewed for another term.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.