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CKB Savings by a Date

CKB Savings by a Date is a special type of term savings enabling multiple payments to the savings account during the term and the withdrawal of the overall amount with interest on a precisely specified date chosen by the client, as the date relevant to the client.

Target clients

This type of savings is intended for everyone who wants to save money and lift it on a date that is important to them.


  • No restrictions on the minimum initial deposit
  • Possibility to make successive deposits – each new payment has its own term deposit commencement date, the same maturity date, its recalculated term and the corresponding interest rate
  • Upon contract maturity, interest is calculated and transferred together with principal to the transaction account
  • Maturity: 4 to 24 months

The client enters into a framework agreement and agrees on a maturity date, and then makes payments of his choice, whenever he wishes, by that date.

The interest rate and maturity (the term is automatically recalculated) are defined for each deposit made, i.e. each deposit has its own term deposit commencement date, the same maturity date, its recalculated term and its interest rate according to the Bank's business policy. Interest rate is always indicated in the terms and conditions.

Interest is calculated at maturity, for each payment separately, and is presented aggregately. The client has an insight into the total deposits paid and the total interest, and has the possibility of insight into individual deposits and related interest on them. Upon maturity, the principal and interest are transferred to a pre-opened transaction account, whereby the contract automatically expires.

Payments can be made at any time between the signing of the framework contract and the final contract validity date, or until the date chosen by the client. This product supports multiple payments on the same day, as well as multiple payments over the life of the contract. Money can be deposited in several ways, by making:

  • cash payment at the Bank counter – classic payment that is initiated from the deposit module;
  • payment via CKB eBanking Portal – payment from the transaction account for the execution of national payment transactions to the deposit account;
  • payment from other banks or by general money order – payment is made directly to the Bank's transaction account, with a reference to the contract number.

When disbursing interest, the Bank calculates and deducts capital income tax from accrued interest, on behalf of clients and for their account, and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with applicable legislation as of the interest disbursement date.

The deposits can be made in euros only.

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Deposit Protection Fund

Crnogorska komercijalna banka is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund.