ckb stednja

CKB Rent Savings

This type of savings will enable you to make regular monthly income from interest on your term deposit.

Target clients

Rent Savings is the product intended for those who want to save money in a bank and have regular monthly income from it.


  • Maturity: 3 to 24 months
  • Minimum deposit is EUR 100 only
  • Interest is calculated on a monthly basis and accrues to your transaction account

Money can be deposited in several ways, by making:

  • cash payment at the Bank counter - classic payment, initiated from the deposit module;
  • payment via the Internet - payment from transaction account to deposit account (transfer by payment order);
  • payment from other banks or by general money order - payment is made directly to the Bank's transaction account, with a reference to the contract number.

Only one deposit can be made under a single contract, i.e. there is no option for subsequent (successive) deposits under the same contract.

Upon maturity of the last rent, such rent may be paid out, reduced by the tax, and along with the principal, it is then automatically transferred to the transaction account, whereby the contract is automatically terminated.

When disbursing interest, the Bank calculates and deducts capital income tax from accrued interest, on behalf of clients and for their account, and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with applicable legislation as of the interest disbursement date.

The deposits can be made in euros only.

Deposit Protection Fund

Crnogorska komercijalna banka is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund.