CKB Club

CKB Club

CKB Club

CKB Club is unique free application for all users of CKB cards for private individuals. Complete insight into cards (data on balances, transactions, reserved amounts, installment purchases, etc.) is now available to you anytime and anywhere!


  • CKB Club application is completely free
  • Cashback for the registered users only
  • Overview of expenditure and repayment plan of CKB shopping card
  • Overview of the actual discounts and other benefits of CKB shopping program

Additional benefits

CKB CLUB application provides an overview of the balance, as well as an overview of past and upcoming repayments under all CKB cards that have the option of installment purchase. If the client has more than one card, they will also be displayed in the application. 

In an overview of cashback campaigns, it is possible to check out the balance in each active campaign and plan additional payments in order to more quickly exercise the right to cashback.

Once you make 5 transactions with CKB MasterCard® cards, you will receive the cashback of €5.00. One user can exercise the right to cashback only once. The campaign is active until June 15, 2022. 

General conditions

  • The client needs to register in CKB Club application to be able to participate in all active cashback campaigns.
  • The client needs to have at least one active retail CKB card, which is linked to an active transaction account.
  • In this application, the clients may check out cashback campaigns and their progress in meeting the cashback parameters. These parameters may vary for different merchants.

Conditions for cashback

  • By activating the application, the client acquires the right to a refund (cashback), if he or she meets the conditions published by the Bank during the cashback campaign.
  • Cashback can only be earned if the card is linked to an active CKB transaction account for national payment transactions
  • Cashback is paid within 48 business hours from the date of the transaction

Download the application from App Store for iOS devices or from Play Store for Android devices right away, and take advantage of special benefits for new users that are waiting for you!

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