CKB Turistički krediti

CKB tourism home equity loan

CKB Tourism Home Equity Loan is the right solution if you want to get your facilities ready for the tourist season in time. It can be used to expand, renovate, equip and modernize tourist rental space. 

Target clients

The loan is intended for residents or non-residents with regulated residence and employment in Montenegro, company employees with permanent or temporary jobs, seafarers, pensioners and clients with other kinds of regular provable income.


  • The loan is approved in the amounts from €10,000 to €150,000
  • Repayment period from 24 to 120 months
  • Possibility of seasonal repayment

Representative example

 30.000 EUR80.000 EUR110.000 EUR
Repayment period 60 months 84 months 120 months
(Annual) Nominal Interest Rate 6,49% 6,19% 5,99%
Monthly repayment 584,36 EUR 1.169,71 EUR 1.212,16 EUR
Administrative fee 300 EUR 800 EUR 1.100 EUR
Total interest 5.061,31 EUR 18.255,61 EUR 35.459,53 EUR
Real estate appraisal cost* 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR
Property insurance policy* 197,72 EUR 197,72 EUR 197,72 EUR
Mortgage agreement 170 EUR 170 EUR 170 EUR
Mortgage registration cost 20 EUR 20 EUR 20 EUR
Fee for issuing Title Deed 8 EUR 8 EUR 8 EUR
Effective Interest Rate 7,63% 6,70% 6,32%
Total cost of credit** 5.817,03 EUR 19.511,61 EUR 37.015,25 EUR
Total repayable 35.817,03 EUR 99.511,61 EUR 147.015,25 EUR


*The costs of real estate appraisal and real estate insurance policy are calculated on a specific example of real estate, which is pledged as security, size 87m². A representative example is shown on the example of the calculation from 13. 3. 2023.

**Total costs represent the sum of interest for the entire period, administrative fees, fees for 2 bills of exchange (4 EUR), inquiries to the Credit Bureau of the CBM (3 EUR), the cost of real estate appraisal (60 EUR), the cost of real estate insurance policy (197.72 EUR), cost mortgage agreement (170 EUR), the cost of registering a mortgage (20 EUR) and the fee for issuing a list of real estate (8 EUR). 


Loan calculator

Total loan amount
Monthly installment
Total repayment amount
Interest amount
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Annual nominal interest rate NIR

Annual effective interest rate

Loan approval fee

Fee amount

The loan calculator is for informational purposes only and cannot be used for other purposes. The calculation of the effective interest rate in this loan calculator includes the costs of the bill of exchange (2 EUR) and the inquiry to the Credit Registry (3 EUR), as well as the amount of the loan approval fee which is 1% of the loan amount

General requirements

  • Client's age must be minimum 21 at the time of application
  • Maximum 70 years of age on the last instalment due date
  • The loan is approved at a fixed or variable interest rate

Loan security

  • Administrative salary/pension withholding order for the loan beneficiary
  • Bill of exchange and authorization for the bill of exchange of the loan beneficiary
  • First-class mortgage on real estate registered in favour of the Bank
  • Property insurance policy in favour of the Bank
  • Guarantor/co-debtor
  • Life insurance policy (optional)

Documents required

  • Loan application form
  • Signed copy of ID or copy of residence permit, for a non-resident
  • Administrative salary/pension withholding order for the loan beneficiary
  • Bill of exchange signed by the loan beneficiary
  • Employment certificate (not older than 30 days), or pension cheque
  • Employment contract (optional)
  • Consent for access to the Credit Bureau Register (RKB) and copy of payment order for RKB
  • Title deed (not older than 30 days), if required
  • Registered accommodation facility certificate
  • Renting/Rental agreement
  • Authorization for property valuation
  • Copy of seaman's book (matricula)

Condition list for retail loans

The Bank reserves the right to request additional security or documents, if considered necessary.

After collecting the necessary documents and signing the loan application, please visit one of our branches, where you can apply for a loan. If a guarantor is required as additional security, then the guarantor must also come to the branch at the time of submitting the application, and signing the bill of exchange and other documents.

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