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CKB Shopping card

In its diverse offer of card products, Crnogorska komercijalna banka also has a contactless credit card for payment in instalments, CKB Shopping card.

CKB Shopping card is an international, contactless credit card that enables purchases in instalments at home and abroad, up to the amount of the approved credit limit, without interest charged.

Target clients

CKB Shopping card is intended for all creditworthy clients who receive a salary/pension in Montenegro.

In order to meet the needs of citizens, CKB also allows those who are not regular Bank clients to apply for this card, as well as persons with a fixed-term employment contract who are able to provide certain collateral.

If you are not employed, you can get a card if you provide a personal deposit as collateral.


  • You pay in instalments for products and services at home and abroad, and online
  • No interest in case of regular repayment of instalments
  • No charges at points of sale with which the Bank has a contract
  • You receive the purchased products immediately, and the first instalment is due only on the last day of the month in which the purchase was made
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs at home and abroad, with repayment in instalments

At the points of sale of the merchants who signed contract with the Bank on acceptance of the CKB Shopping card, the instalment number is defined in that contract. You can find the agreed terms and conditions here !!!!LINK!!!!.

For the merchants without the contract with the Bank, for online purchases and for cash withdrawals from ATMs, the amounts will be divided automatically:


Amount (in EUR) Number of instalments
0,01 - 20 Not subject to division
20,01 - 50 2
50,01 - 100 3
100,01 - 200 6
200,01 - 600 9
600,01 - 1.200 12
1.200,01 - ~ 24


Debt repayment method

The first instalment is due on the last day of the month. The client is obliged to pay the first instalment of the amount spent by the end of next month. Collection of overdue liabilities is done automatically from the client's transaction account.


  • Administrative salary/pension withholding order
  • Bill of exchange and authorization for the bill of exchange
  • Deposit (optionally)
  • Guarantor (optionally)

There is a possibility of approving a credit limit up to the amount of one salary without an administrative salary/pension withholding order and an employment certificate, for clients who have been receiving their salary/pension through an account with CKB for 6 months.

The Bank reserves the right to request additional security or documents, if considered necessary.


3D Secure service

Crnogorska komercijalna banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of MasterCard and VISA, even greater security in transactions on the Internet by introducing a new system of additional data verification, 3D Secure.

3D Secure is international security standard for verifying the accuracy of the cardholder data when paying on the Internet and was developed in order to prevent card abuses, i.e. unauthorized use by third parties. More


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