House in Nikšić

House in Nikšić


For sale is a house with an area of 90m2 (ground floor 60m2),office building in the private sector, area 39m2 (ground floor 30m2), yard area 500m2, meadow surface area 1154m2, Kočani, Nikšić. The total land area is 1,783m2. The house is located in the suburban settlement of Kočani in the western part of the city. The location is near Lake Krupac, at a distance of approx. 900 meters from the lake. The object is in the process of eviction.

price: po dogovoru/as per agreement

quadrature: 90m2+39m2

Address: Kočani Nikšić

municipality: Niksic

category: Residential building

ownership: Crnogorska komercijalna banka