CKB Private Banking

CKB Private Banking

CKB Private Banking and Investment Services

Welcome to the world of privileges

CKB Private Banking and Investment Services (CKB PBIS) started operating in 2016. Successful business and customer service is evidenced by the continuous growth in the number of customers, positive feedback from service users, as well as the prestigious international award by Global Finance for 2020. The service itself is designed based on world standards in terms of private banking services.

Through direct contact with a private banker, a user of one of the private banking packages has access to the entire banking, the traditional one (payment transactions, cards, loans, deposits etc.) and the investment segment (trading in securities on national and international stock exchanges, weekly financial analysis of companies or offers, care of your financial instruments). Also, there is a unique CKB PB MasterCard World elite premium debit card, which, in addition to banking benefits, brings some personal benefits (travel health insurance, free access to airport VIP lounges, concierge service and many others). The client can perform his/her banking transactions and give orders by phone or e-mail, where each client has his/her own identification code that enables secure and efficient service, if unable to visit the Bank.

From now on, this service is also available to legal entities.

Examples of how and when you can use the Private Banking service

You want to transfer certain money from your account, but for the next 2 hours you have urgent obligations or you would just rather stay home.

Call the personal banker by phone or send him an e-mail, with instructions on how to execute the order. According to your instructions, the private banker will safely execute the order as soon as possible. The entire process will be carried out according to strict security procedures to minimize the risk of abuse, while your comfort will not be compromised.

You want to apply for a loan.

By calling your private banker or sending an e-mail, you can get all the information about the loan and a quick and efficient way to apply for it.

It suits you to complete a banking transaction on a certain day at a certain time.

If it suits you to complete a banking transaction on a certain day at a certain time, all you need to do is call your private banker, make an appointment, and come at the agreed time and finish everything in a short time.

On the same day, you need a visa confirmation, a new card, a cash loan and a bill payment.

By going to your private banker or even just by calling, you will receive the entire service at one place, on the same day, and everything will be done in a matter of hours.

You would invest certain money in the national or foreign capital market.

By calling your private banker or sending an e-mail, you can get all the information and instructions on how to set up an active trading account on the national or foreign stock exchange.

The activities you can carry out with the help of your private banker are listed below:

  • Cash transactions
  • Payments to the account
  • Currency conversion
  • Orders for domestic payment operations
  • Orders for foreign payment operations
  • Savings of individuals
  • Lending to individuals
  • Issuance and reissuance of cards
  • Setting limits on cards
  • Shutting down cards
  • Reports on account balance and executed transactions
  • Standing orders
  • Services related to CKB GO and SMS services
  • Services for your company
  • Service related to stock exchange transactions

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