Transactional account for execution of national payment transactions

  • Continuous euro and foreign exchange liquidity
  • The largest client base and volume of transactions in Montenegro
  • The most extensive network of branches and sub-branches, with highly professional and kind staff
  • Possibility to choose option and time for payment transaction
  • E-payments 24 h a day at lower tariffs
  • Possibility to make advance payments
  • Direct debit option
  • Lowest fees

Product description

At most favourable tariffs on the domestic market, CKB performs domestic payment operations in a quick, secure and efficient way, which is a precondition for the successful work of companies and a foundation for establishing more complex forms of cooperation with the Bank.

CKB payment services include the following possibilities:

  • Establishment of one or more accounts in any Bank sub-branch chosen by you
  • Delivery of payment orders at any of the Bank counters
  • Reporting on transactions completed and account balance
  • Delivery of statements of all entries made on the account, by e-mail, fax or at the Bank counter
  • Confidentiality of the account and balance on it
  • Cash payments and disbursements
  • Clearing payments (compensation, cession, assignment etc.)

Working hours for payment operation services

Working hours for payment operation services are from 8.00-20.00 h every working day (Monday-Saturday) for internal orders.

Banking day for the execution of external orders (orders towards other banks) is:

  • 9.00-17.00 h for orders in RTGS system
  • 9.00-15.50 h for orders in DNS system
  • 8.00-15.00 h for cash-in-hand services
  • 8.00-20.00 h on Saturdays only for internal orders and external orders with the value date "future"

Required documentation

To open an account for domestic payment operations, the client has to submit an application on the basis of which Account opening and maintaining contract will be signed.

  • Account opening application
  • Certificate of registration with the court register or other relevant register
  • Certificate on company classification according to its business activity issued by statistics authority
  • Resolution on assigning tax identification number (PIB) (Public Revenues Directorate)
  • Card of specimen signatures of persons authorized to sign for the company (you will get it from the Bank)
  • OP Form (authorized signature certified by relevant institution)
  • OP Form must be submitted in original, while the remaining documents should be submitted for review purposes only
  • Account opening and maintaining contract