CKB overdraft

  • For all employees and pensioners
  • Age: minimum 21 years

Product description

Use you additional money funds in any moment, the way that suits you the best.

CKB overdraft is approved to all existing and new clients, employees or pensioners, as well as to new clients who receive salary to account in CKB at least 3 months. CKB overdraft is approved for 12 months with possibility of automatic contract renewal. Loan repayment is made automatically, in the moment of regular or non-regular income to the account. Interest is being calculated only on the used amount of the loan.

Use preferential conditions in promotional action until July 31, 2020, and apply for CKB overdraft without approval fee (NIR 14,49%, EIR 15,72%)**.

Approval conditions

General preconditions that an overdraft beneficiary has to meet:

  • Age: minimum 21 years;
  • Minimum 6 months’ employment with the same company having employment contract for undefined period of time;
  • A citizen of Montenegro or non-resident with permanent employment in Montenegro;
  • Client is not placed on the Bank’s internal black list;
  • The company is not put on the Bank’s internal black list;
  • The client is receiving salary or pension through CKB for minimum 3 months.

Financial preconditions that a client has to meet:

  • Net monthly salary/pension of the client has to be minimum EUR 90;
  • Net monthly salary of the loan beneficiary has to be twice bigger than all monthly obligations under loans in all banks.

Required documentation

  • Application form for CKB overdraft loan;
  • A copy of ID card or passport (for non-residents, it is necessary to copy a passport page showing approval for temporary stay issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro);
  • Confirmation on salary and employment not older than 30 days;
  • Administrative wage/salary withholding order (optional);
  • Bill of exchange and authorization to the bill of exchange subsequently – as precondition for overdraft activation;
  • Statement on severance (in the Bank’s overdraft application form).

In addition to the stated documentation, the Bank reserves the right to request the client to provide additional documentation, if deemed necessary.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894. All necessary documents for applying for this loan are available at all CKB counters, as well as on our website.