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CKB Transaction Accounts for International Payments

CKB has a long tradition of international payment operations and well developed correspondent relations with a wide network of global banks. With CKB Transaction Account for International Payments you can perform transactions with your international partners and a fast and reliable way.

Target clients

This account is intended for the companies that need to perform cash transactions with their partners in other countries quickly and easily.


  • Organization of payment operations in accordance with global standards
  • Payment by SWIFT technology
  • Execution of all operations at a shortest possible notice (within 48 hours)
  • Receipt of orders by e-mail

Additional benefits

The friendly and highly professional staff will provide you with account statements detailing performed transactions, current balance and any entries on the account electronically or at the Bank's counter. With CKB GO service for large companies, you can perform your daily financial transactions even more conveniently and faster.

Documents required

To open a CKB account for international payments, you need to submit an application on the basis of which the Account Opening and Maintenance Agreement will be concluded. The following documents are related to opening the account:

  • Account Opening Application
  • Certificate of registration in the court register or other relevant register
  • Statistical authority certificate on the activity classification
  • Resolution assigning tax identification number (PIB) from the Public Revenue Directorate
  • Specimen signature card for persons authorized to sign for the company (you will get it from the Bank)
  • OP Form (signatures of persons authorized to represent the company, certified by a relevant institution). OP Form must be enclosed in original, while the remaining documents should be submitted for review
  • Account Opening and Maintenance Agreement


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