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CKB Project Financing

Project financing generally applies to the financing of projects in energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, real estate sector and certain investments in the society.

Target clients

Project financing is a special type of banking service that, in line with international practice, is separated from standard corporate credit arrangements due to its financial structure, high capital leverage, security structure and revenues.

Project financing is used in cases where the primary source of debt servicing is cash flow deriving from the project implementation. In case of project financing, security instruments are usually related to project assets and to all the rights and obligations connected with the project. This type of financing may be extended to newly founded companies whose core activity is project management and implementation (the so-called "special purpose vehicles”), as well as to going concerns.

Product price

Interest rate and loan processing fee are determined on the basis of economic and financial analysis of the company, credit history, turnover on the accounts with CKB, and collateral quality and value.