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CKB GO is an innovative CKB service that enables execution of all transactions and management of personal finances from your computer, mobile phone or other portable devices.

You can perform almost all banking transactions easily, quickly and securely, at any time and any place. Join hundreds of satisfied companies whose daily business we make simpler, more secure and more comfortable. In this short guide, we will introduce you to a few basic functionalities for using the CKB GO application.


  • Overview of the balances and transactions on all accounts, cards, loans and savings with CKB
  • Execution of all transactions in national and international payment operations, payments and transfers between accounts, as well as mass payments
  • Full handling of all cards, simple change of ATM limits, limits for purchases in the country and abroad, change of card status
  • Overview of all loan commitments and detailed repayment plan and launching pre-payment
  • Overview of exchange rates, sale and purchase of currencies
  • Direct contact with the Bank

Additional benefits

Payment via CKB GO service is faster and cheaper than the traditional method of payment. Take advantage of the free promo period in which you can try CKB GO for free. The free promotional period refers to the month when the contract is signed and the entire following month.

For any additional information, contact the CKB Contact Centre at 19894 or the technical support of the e-Banking department via the e-mail address


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