Velika preduzeca - Elektronsko bankarstvo

CKB eBusiness Portal

CKB eBusiness Portal is the latest service developed as part of our e-Banking package and implies a partnership between CKB and your company. The service was primarily intended for companies that need to generate and execute a large number of payments at one time, both domestic and international. However, functionality and safety provided by this service enabled the implementation of the idea of making other services that companies may wish to develop with the Bank available as well.


  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Make your system available 24/7, from any computer and from any address
  • Make your operating costs acceptable
  • Simplify the performance of your daily and periodical tasks
  • Expedite your operations
  • Enhance your safety

Additional benefits

No additional installations and certificates on your computers are required to activate this service, all you need is Internet access and a browser to access the address


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