Velika preduzeca - Depoziti

Term Deposits

Save where it's safest! We offer all types of term deposits and negotiate different depositing conditions depending on the client’s financial capacity, deposit purpose, deposit amount, deposit term, etc. After the expiry of the term deposit, the Bank releases the deposited funds and makes them available along with the accrued interest. Depending on the client’s business policy, interest may be accrued and paid monthly or at the end of the term.


  • CKB is a safe and stable bank, member of the OTP banking and financial group.
  • Our clients include the largest Montenegrin companies, leaders in all segments of the economy, as well as many international entities operating in Montenegro.
  • Variety and number of supporting products that can make your operations more comfortable represent one of the biggest comparative advantages of our Bank in comparison to other banks.
  • With well-planned management of your funds, you can cover a significant portion of your operating expenses with interest income.
  • It helps in obtaining necessary financial support from the Bank for funding the current and investment needs of your company.


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