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CKB Visa Business Debit Card

CKB Visa Business Debit Card is a new international, contactless card for legal entities to make payments in the country and abroad, and is linked to the transaction account for national payments.

Authorized cardholders have the option to perform card transactions in the amount of available funds on the transaction account for national payment transactions, including the account overdraft, in accordance with pre-defined daily ATM and POS limits, previously approved by the authorized representative of the company.

Target clients

CKB Visa Business Debit Card can be issued to any legal entity that has a registered activity in Montenegro and an open account in CKB.


  • You can pay for goods and services at POS terminals and withdraw cash at ATMs in the country and abroad
  • Ability to use the card on the Internet
  • Cash-in service - the possibility of crediting funds to the card via CKB ATM
  • You can check the available balance at your account at CKB ATMs
  • Ability to verify card transactions via the CKB GO application
  • You can buy top-ups for 067, 068 and 069 mobile network at ATMs and POS terminals of CKB, from authorized dealers
  • The number of card users is unlimited


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