CKB donationes to hospitals in Bijelo Polje and Bar

 CKB donated funds in the total amount of 5,500 euros to hospitals in Bijelo Polje and Bar. General Hospital in Bar has directed the donated funds for the purchase of surgical medical equipment for Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, while General Hospital in Bijelo Polje will use the donated funds for a new floor in the Children's Department.

"CKB strives to contribute to strengthening the capacity of our health care system, so that quality and timely health care is more accessible to citizens. I am sure that the donation to Bijelo Polje and Bar hospitals will improve the working conditions of their medical teams, especially during the time when they are facing additional challenges caused by the public health crisis", said Stela Bošković, director of the Corporate Secretariat Department of CKB.

Apart from direct assistance to health institutions in the country, CKB implements a numerous of initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of maintaining health and adopting quality lifestyles among employees. This gives the members of the CKB team the opportunity to perform free preventive examinations or to be part of some of the humanitarian actions of general importance.

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