Wiener Stadtische exclusive partner to Crnogorska Komercijalna banka in the category of life insurance

Podgorica, 18th March. -  Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka and Wiener Stadtische life insurance signed agreement by which this insurance company became exclusive partner to CKB in the category of life insurance. This way, Bank’s clients will be able to purchase the life insurance policy in all branches of CKB in Montenegro.    

„All clients of the Bank who apply for cash or housing loan will have the opportunity to obtain at the same time the credit life insurance in the branch which secures coverage in case of loan holder death. In that way, the clients protect their family and themselves in case of death, as Wiener Stadtische would take the obligation for the remained debt and obligation for the remaining part of the debt and thus relieve the family of financial expenses in an already difficult moment“– declared Andrija Pešić, Head of Sales in Wiener Stadtische life insurance.

Credit life insurance with decreasing sum incurred is offered to housing loan holders, with the possibility of disbursing loan principal at the given moment after insured event happens. Credit life insurance with fixed sum insured is offered to cash loans holders, where the part of insured sum is disbursed to family, i.e., beneficiaries listed by insured person – loan holder, but after settlement of loan obligations towards the bank. Both type of policies may be paid monthly, annually or all at once in the moment when beneficiary receives the policy.   

„Thanks to the cooperation with Wiener Stadtische life insurance, CKB offered to its clients new product from the life insurance field, whose policy may obtain in the moment when apply for housing or cash loan. In addition to the credit life insurance, we are working on expanding offer which will include products for life insurance that client will be able to contract in CKB branches accross Montenegro“, declared Sandra Kordić, Executive Director for Retail and Corporate Business Division. 

Credit life policy complies to the modern worldwide business standards, and shall enable to clients of CKB and their families safe protection in case of unexpected event. 

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