CKB eBanking service

  • Make your operating costs acceptable.
  • Expedite your operations.
  • Enhance your safety.
  • Be free.

Product description

CKB NetBank Portal provides clients with all information and transaction services via Internet. By using CKB Internet banking, CKB NetBank operating activities of the client become highly automated, and time and cost savings are brought to an optimum level.

Thanking to CKB NetBank, you can communicate with the Bank safely, make domestic and international payments, have overview of all your accounts and transactions, take over statements for unlimited period of time, review the current status of your loans and savings, monitor financial information on your cards, make file transfers, etc.

No additional installations or certificates are needed for using the CKB NetBank Portal, except for Internet Browser and access documents that the clients will receive from the Bank after filling in appropriate application forms and signing the NetBank Agreement. Accessibility of this portal, from any place at any time, provides client comfort and satisfaction in managing personal finances.

This system follows up all global trends in terms of safety, functionality and accessibility.

The Portal is protected by SSL certificate issued by VeriSign, one of the leading global companies in this area. When logging into the system, double protection level is anticipated for the purpose of mutual safety. At this point, we take a lot of pride in offering you the highest standards of safety for transactions executed via Internet.

Renowned global companies TietoEnator and Siemens worked on developing this Portal together with the Bank employees.

This product may be used by all companies using one of CKB products.

How to apply?

To become a user of eBanking services, you need to be the client of our Bank and fill in the CKB NetBank application form that may be obtained in any of our branches. After filling in the application form, CKB will generate your documents for accessing the eBanking system and, within 24 hours, you will be able to use the NetBank system with all the offered services.

After the contract has been signed and stamped by the authorized officer, the company becomes entitled to take over the necessary documents password, username and tan list. A responsible officer in the company may authorize a company employee to take over the documents against presentation of appropriate authorization evidence.


For any additional information, clients may contact us through our Bank Call Centre on the number: +382 19894, technical support of eBanking Department or e-mail address: