Term deposits

  • The most secure bank in Montenegro and the region
  • A wide array of products and services offered by the Bank
  • Interest income allowing for more efficient settlement of obligations
  • Term deposits in different currencies

Product description

International best practices show that companies always allocate a portion of their funds to be placed as term deposits. This offers certain advantages: facilitated access to required funds, reduction of operating risk, increase in income and profit, etc.

To that end, CKB offers all types of term deposits and negotiates different depositing conditions depending on the clients financial capacity, deposit purpose, deposit amount, deposit term, etc.

After the expiry of the term deposit, the Bank releases the deposited funds and makes them available along with the accrued interest. Depending on the clients business policy, interest may be accrued and paid monthly or at the end of the term.

One of the safest ways of acquiring profit that a company may have is by depositing funds for a certain term with the Bank.

Deposits are funds that could be placed as a vista deposits and term deposits with or without specified purpose, so that in addition to term deposits, there are also:

  • A vista deposits
  • Special-purpose deposits
  • Rental saving


  • Presently, CKB is undoubtedly the strongest financial institution in Montenegro covering 40 to 50% of the Montenegrin market.
  • CKB has the most extensive network of business units, ATMs, POSs, e-banking, etc.
  • The largest Montenegrin companies, leaders in all segments of the economy, as well as international entities operating in Montenegro are among the Bank clients.
  • Variety and number of supporting products that can make your operations more comfortable represent one of the biggest comparative advantages of CKB in comparison to other banks
  • With well-planned management of your funds and interest income, you may settle your obligations in a more efficient way.
  • It helps in obtaining necessary financial support from the Bank for funding current and investment needs of the company.
  • It reduces company operating risk that is largely connected to fund management methods and fund managers.


You can get more details about the product by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.