Entrepreneurship promotion loans

  • Loan purpose: for investments in tangible assets (land, buildings, equipment) and intangible assets (purchase of patents, licenses, special skills and knowledge or non-patented technical know-how)
  • Repayment:
    • monthly /equal annuities or instalments/
    • quarterly /equal annuities or instalments/
    • maximum grace period: 12 months

Product description

The product is designed for small and medium sized enterprises intending to invest in tangible assets (land, buildings, equipment) and non-tangible assets (purchase of patents, licenses, special skills and knowledge or non-patented technical know-how).

A requirement that has to be met when applying for a loan is that a company has been operating for minimum half a year, is 100% privately owned, registered on the territory of Montenegro, regularly pays taxes and contributions, and has not had operating losses in the last financial year.

For these loans, 30% of the funds comes from CKB and 70% from the Directorate for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises.

The approved loan amount is made available to the borrower with the repayment period of up to 6 years, including a 12-month grace period.

The purpose of this product is to encourage entrepreneurship. To that end, clients that meet specified requirements are given a possibility to carry out their planned investments under exceptionally favourable conditions, alleviating their financial strain and providing them with an opportunity for stronger market approach and more equal market competition.

CKB is the only bank in Montenegro that may fully support the current and development needs of both small and medium sized companies and large companies.

Product price

Product price, i.e. interest rate is determined on the basis of economic and financial analysis of the company, credit history, turnover on the account with CKB, collateral quality and value, etc.

How to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan facility of this kind, it is necessary to submit to the SME Directorate your feasibility study and documentation referred to in their invitation, and in case of positive assessment by their Committee, the application will be forwarded to the Bank. After that, the application is going to the Client Adviser, who prepares proposal for the Banks Credit Committee that brings decisions on received applications. Upon the completion of the decision-making process, the Client Adviser will inform the client on whether the application has been approved and upon which terms and conditions.