Revolving loans

  • Loan type: short-term loan.
  • Loan purpose: provision of short-term working capital.
  • Repayments:
    • one-off /on the date of the contract expiry/
    • monthly /equal annuities or installments/,
    • quarterly /equal annuities or installments/.

Product description

Purpose of revolving loans is the provision of working capital (for settlement of obligations to suppliers, financing stocks, financing production, etc).

Revolving loan is approved in an available amount and for an available period of time. Within such amount and period, the borrower withdraws tranches. Repayment schedule is made for each drawdown in line with operating and financial requirements of the company.

The product is intended for all registered companies that meet the following criteria and requirements:
  • they must have an account with Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka AD,
  • they must ensure
  1. all necessary financial information related to their operations,
  2. business plan, upon request,
  3. adequate and acceptable security instruments.

This is a product that exists from the Bank foundation date, i.e. from the beginning of the corporate lending activities. CKB is the only bank in Montenegro that may fully support the current and development needs of both small and medium sized companies and large companies. The Bank reserves the right to modify interest rates.

Product price

Product price, i.e. interest rate is determined on the basis of economic and financial analysis of the company, credit history, turnover on the account with CKB, collateral quality and value, etc.

CKB provides the most favourable conditions to its clients on the market.

How to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan with CKB, one has to submit documents as specified in the Loan Instructions and formulate appropriate application. The application should include basic information on the company operations, future plans, and relations with major buyers and suppliers. Additionally, the application should specify the requested loan amount, period for which the funds are needed, loan purpose, as well as collateral that the company is willing to offer as security for the requested loan. It is important for the application to bear the signature of the authorized person and corporate seal.

The application, along with the necessary documentation, should be submitted at the Bank reception desk. After that, the application is going to the Client Adviser, who prepares proposal for the Credit Committee that brings decisions on received applications. Upon the completion of the decision-making process, the Client Adviser will inform the client on whether the application has been approved and upon which terms and conditions.


You can get more details about the product by visiting nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.