Private banking

  • Be in the company of managers and owners of large systems in Montenegro, diplomats...
  • Quality, efficiency, exclusivity, discretion – these are the goals of private banking
  • Take advantage of special rates for products intended for private banking clients only
  • All banking services at one place in a comfortable environment

Product description

CKB Private Banking is intended for citizens and business people, i.e. all those who have a need for sophisticated banking services, one-stop shop service, in a comfortable environment, without visiting counters, investment advisory services and taxing advisory services. In the forthcoming period, in addition to a complete offer of products, special packages of products will be available to the users of this service.

A Private Banking client may receive a personalized service from his/her private banker/advisor, either in person, or by telephone, fax or e-mail.

CKB Private Banking should be seen as a service improvement offered to clients for increasing their comfort and for stimulating their continued relationship with the Bank.

The client chooses the level of service or package of Bank products according to his/her needs and purchasing power, and signs a private banking framework contract in the Bank head-office, as well as contract annexes for the execution of orders given by telephone or fax.

The services that CKB may provide that are defined in the Law on Banks include: receiving deposits, giving loans, purchasing and selling securities with maturities up to one year or less for its own account, selling, paying and collecting banking orders, trading in bills of change and other money market instruments for its own account or for the client’s account, issuing, processing and recording payment instruments (including credit cards, traveller’s and broker cheques), spot purchasing and selling foreign currencies for its own account or for the client’s account, carrying out payment operations, leasing services, money and securities custody services, establishing, negotiating, confirming and disbursing special purpose lending facilities, providing security for financial commitments, domestic and international payments and other activities related to the Bank operations. This whole set of services is available to the private banking client at one place.

CKB also provides broker services, and has a developed so-called custody function, i.e. management of securities portfolio and other valuables for its clients.

How to become a client?

Clients may activate CKB Private Banking service by signing the relevant contract and it is charged on a monthly basis. Private Banking Department currently exists in Podgorica only, but it will soon become available in Tivat and Herceg Novi, too.

Private Banking Department offers two types of services: Plus and Premium. To use this service, you must belong to one of the following groups, as a minimum:

  • depositors with deposits ranging from EUR 50,000 and more
  • clients with monthly income exceeding EUR 1,000
  • persons with high social status