Visa Classic Debit Contactless Card

  • Can be used for Internet payments and abroad

Product description

Visa Classic Debit Contactless is international Visa debit card that enables simple and secure use of funds on the current account it is directly related to. Funds on the account are available at any time, whether you are in the country or abroad, removing the risk associated with carrying cash and offering a simple way for cash withdrawal. The card beneficiary has full control over his costs since the spending is limited by the balance available on his transaction account.

Advantages of using Visa Classic Debit Contactless Card

  • You can simply withdraw cash in the country and abroad at sales points and ATMs bearing the sign of Visa.
  • You can pay for goods and services in the country and abroad using the network of more than 12 000 000 retail outlets in the world.
  • You can use Visa Classic Debit Contactless Card on Internet,
  • You have a possibility to take additional cards for family members.
  • You may check your account balance at the CKB ATMs.
  • You can buy mobile top-up for 067, 068 and 069 mobile networks at the CKB ATMs.
  • You can also buy mobile top-up for 067, 068 and 069 mobile networks at the CKB POSs with authorized dealers.
  • Less need to visit the Bank you may check the executed card transactions through eBanking.
  • As beneficiary of Visa Classic Debit Contactless Card, you are also receiving CKB Mastercard Debit Contactless Card free of charge.


When you receive a card, you have to sign it. Unsigned card is considered invalid. Along with the card, the card user receives a secret identification number (hereinafter: PIN). The card user must keep the PIN confidential and must not disclose it to other persons or keep a written trace of it in order to eliminate the risk of any misuse. When entering your PIN at an ATM or POS terminal, observe the confidentiality. Check the transaction amount before signing the bill.

Reporting a card loss or theft

In case you lost a card or it was stolen from you, please contact the Bank Call Centre. The card will be automatically blocked as of the moment you contacted the Bank. If you fail to report loss or theft, you will be held responsible for the entire debt.


If the card user believes that some costs do not belong to him/her or are incorrectly computed, he/she may address the Bank to complain about those by submitting bills and other documents that the Bank may require. Deadline for the submission of complaints is 72 h from the transaction date.

The Bank shall not be responsible for the quality and quantity of goods and/or services bought by the card. Complaints regarding the quality and quantity of goods and/or services should be resolved between the user and the sales point. Regardless of the complaint outcome, the user is obliged to settle the entire card debt.

If the Bank finds the complaint justified, it will credit the card account, and in case of unjustified complaint, the user will cover all the costs.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.