ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB Card

  • International student card
  • Modern and safe way of spending money
  • Discounts at over 3 million points of sale in the world
  • Discounts at over 800 locations in Montenegro

Product description

ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB is the international student identification card. It is a debit payment card and CKB is its exclusive representative for Montenegro. It has been developed in cooperation with International Student Organization (ISIC) and company Mastercard. In order to become ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB card cardholder it is enough that you are a student, that you are 18 years of age and with open account in Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka. With this card, our clients may enjoy discounts at over 35 thousand points of sale all around the world and they can use the card at over 3 million points of sale. At the same time, this card may serve as your identification document in case of losing personal documents abroad.

Product price

In order to become ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB cardholder, it is necessary that you become a member of the ISIC organization first. Membership in ISIC organization is paid once in advance and annually it amounts EUR 6.

Advantages of using ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB cards

  • Cheaper monthly maintenance fee
  • Discounts at over 800 locations in Montenegro within CKB Shop&Go Program
  • Discounts at over 35.000 points of sale around the world
  • Card usage at over 3 million points of sale around the world
  • The card may serve as an identification document

How to apply for ISIC Mastercard Debit CKB card?

Application Form and all necessary documents with detailed information may be obtained in any business unit of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka AD Podgorica. If you have already paid your monthly membership fee for ISIC card, it is necessary that you bring the Confirmation of paid membership fee. If you have not done so, you can make the payment at the counter of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka. Also, together with filled in Application Form, it is necessary to submit a personal photograph of same size as the one in the index.


When you receive the card, you should sign it. Unsigned card is considered invalid. Check the amount of the transaction before you sign the slip.

Reporting a card loss or theft

In case you lost a card or it was stolen from you, please contact the Bank Call Centre. The card will be automatically blocked as of the moment you contacted the Bank. If you fail to report loss or theft, you will be held responsible for the entire debt.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.