American Express GOLD Card

  • Financial flexibility: minimum monthly repayment of only 5% (minimum EUR 50)
  • Automatic monthly collection from your current account
  • If you repay the entire debt by the 15thin a month, you will be released from interest payment
  • American Express Selects program for additional discounts
  • Insurance for visa issuance, travel insurance, health insurance included
  • Special Gold awards

Product description

American Express Gold Credit Card is designed for highly demanding clients in both financial and lifestyle terms.

Prestigious card, for persons whose life is marked by travel and social activities, offering security, distinction and top service at any time, where ever you are. American Express Gold Revolving Card provides a revolving credit, against the obligation to repay 5% of your total debt (minimum EUR 50.00) each month, with the rest being carried forward to the next month. If you cover your overall debt by the 15thday in a month, you will be released from obligation to pay interest.

Advantages of using American Express GOLD Card

  • High credit limit
  • Financial flexibility: allows minimum monthly repayment of total debt from the previous month (only 5% orminimum EUR 50,00)
  • There is no need for you to come to the Bank to make a monthly repayment of 5%, as this amount is collected AUTOMATICALLY from your current account on the first working day in a month
  • Cost control: through monthly statements of executed transactions and minimum amount due for payment (invoices), to be received at your home mail address and via SMS notification
  • If you settle your entire debt by the 15thin a month, you will be released from interest payment.
  • Gold awards
  • Insurance for visa issuance
  • Full travel and health insurance
  • American Express SELECTS Program that entitles you to exclusive discounts
  • Free first additional card, opportunity to take additional cards for family members
  • You can pay for goods and services and withdraw cash in the country and abroad at sales points bearing the sign of American Express.
  • You may check your account balance at the CKB ATMs.
  • You can buy mobile top-up for 067, 068 and 069 mobile networks at the CKB ATMs.
  • You can also buy mobile top-up for 067, 068 and 069 mobile networks at the CKB POSs with authorized dealers.
  • Less need to visit the Bank you may check the executed card transactions through electronic banking.

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Where to apply for American Express Gold Credit Card?

American Express Gold Credit Card may be issued to you if you are adult and creditworthy and if you have regular monthly income received through transaction account opened with CKB. This card is also intended for VIP clients of CKB.

If you are not our regular client, you may be issued a card based on additional collateral. You may apply for the card at any business unit of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka AD Podgorica throughout Montenegro. The card may be used on the same date when you receive it.


When you receive a card, you have to sign it. Unsigned card is considered invalid. Along with the card, the card user receives a secret identification number (hereinafter: PIN). The card user must keep the PIN confidential and must not disclose it to other persons or keep a written trace of it in order to eliminate the risk of any misuse. When entering your PIN at an ATM or POS terminal, observe the confidentiality. Check the transaction amount before signing the bill.

Reporting a card loss or theft

In case you lost a card or it was stolen from you, please contact the Bank Call Centre. The card will be automatically blocked as of the moment you contacted the Bank. If you fail to report loss or theft, you will be held responsible for the entire debt.


If the card user believes that some costs do not belong to him/her or are incorrectly computed, he/she may address the Bank to complain about those by submitting bills and other documents that the Bank may require. Deadline for the submission of complaints is 72 h from the transaction date.

The Bank shall not be responsible for the quality and quantity of goods and/or services bought by the card. Complaints regarding the quality and quantity of goods and/or services should be resolved between the user and the sales point. Regardless of the complaint outcome, the user is obliged to settle the entire card debt.

If the Bank finds the complaint justified, it will credit the card account, and in case of unjustified complaint, the user will cover all the costs.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.