CKB POS terminals

  • Network of over 3,300 POS terminals at various sales outlets across Montenegro
  • MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and American Express are supported on CKB POS network
  • Mobile phone top-up on CKB POS network
  • Payment of electricity bills on CKB POS terminals

Product description

The POS terminal network of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka has been present on the Montenegrin market since 2002 and, until 2005, it was practically the only electronic contract network for non-cash payments in Montenegro. This network currently has more than 3,300 POS terminals covering all hotels, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, gas stations, yachting services, airports, furniture showrooms, technical goods showrooms, rent-a-car agencies, pharmacies and medical institutions, retail chains for food and consumer products, markets, shops, supermarkets, all types of boutiques and clothes and shoes shops, technical goods shops, jewelleries, watchmaker shops, press sales points, home markets, toy shops, perfumeries ... or, in brief, all sales and service businesses in Montenegro.

Range of products and services accepted on our POS network is continuously expanding and advancing and, in addition to paying for goods and services, now it is also possible to top up your mobile phone (on several hundred locations), pay your electricity bills (on 35 locations) or withdraw cash (at all CKB counters).

The most important global brands, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and American Express, are supported on CKB POS network.

Advantages of using CKB POS network

  • Different co-brand products, such as JPK cards or Euro Petrol cards on the market of oil derivatives, provide certain advantages at payment and are accepted only at CKB POS terminals at gas stations of Jugopetrol and Euro Petrol, respectively.
  • Co-brand products related to large supermarket chains, such as Mex or Novito card, also provide certain advantages and are accepted only on our POS terminals in these trade chains.
  • Other useful co-brand cards include Cosmetics-Market card and P-Card (special revolving card for pensioners).
  • Due to above mentioned advantages, i.e. thanking to the most wide-spread network of POS terminals, the widest range of card products accepted on our POS network and the most favourable fees that CKB offers to POS users, the most efficient and least expensive way to perform payment is to use the CKB POS network.

Team of sales agents:

For all companies and institutions that have a need to enhance, modernize and streamline the collection methods for their goods and services and use other advantages of working with us, a special team of agents is standing at your disposal, ready to organize meetings upon your request or give telephone explanations of all benefits and conditions of using CKB POS terminals, in order to be able to define and prepare legal and economic preconditions for their use.

Contacts: on working days from 08-16 h, tel. 020/414-912/109.

After 16 h and on weekends: tel. 19902

Technical team:

CKB POS network is managed by a competent team of engineers with long experience, which contributes to the safety and reliability of services offered by CKB through its network of POS terminals.

Contacts: on working days from 08-16 h, tel. 020/414-988/997/954.

After 16 h and on weekends: tel. 19902.