CKB Mission and vision

Being a universal commercial bank, our mission is to change Montenegrin economy, as well as the system of values of the overall Montenegrin society, by bringing them closer to European one. It means: to be always one step ahead of others, to recognize and understand market needs, and to offer high quality products, by implementing new technologies and new services, by applying international business standards, by connecting people and projects, eventually making people’s lives better.

CKB is an absolute leader in all important segments of banking business. Distinctive banking services, quality offered, and initiation of client needs – are the basic assumptions of our work, an additional responsibility and a permanent challenge to the Bank. So defined and clear vision, strategy and conception of business operation of CKB have been recognized by the Bank clients, which include more than 300,000 citizens and companies in Montenegro.

CKB, the bank of clear vision and modern business approach, is improving, developing and creating all segments of banking operation in Montenegro. CKB’s owner, Hungarian OTP Bank, one of the leaders in the Central, East and Southeast Europe region, has been building its success on three pillars of OTP vision: professional staff, knowledge and understanding of local and regional markets, and development of special client relationships. Defined in such a way, the vision of OTP, the banking group that currently has over 11 million clients in 9 countries, employs more than 33 thousand employees and operates through more than 1,500 branches, is strengthening the position of CKB on Montenegrin market, ensuring its future secure growth and development.

Since its very foundation, CKB has had good cooperation with its clients and has allocated its resources, experience and energy in the implementation of common projects as well as towards opening up new opportunities for Montenegrin economy.

CKB today is an absolute market leader, which will continue to strengthen its position in the coming years through its recognizable model of operation that is based on knowledge and team work.