CKB business plus package

  • For micro and small enterprises
  • CKB Mastercard Business Debit card with cash-in option
  • CKB GO service fort micro and small enterprises

Product description

CKB business plus package is unique package of banking and financial services intended for the owners of micro and small enterprises in Montenegro. Improve your business and avail yourself and your business of additional benefits.

Irrespective of whether you are in trade, hospitality or tourist rentals business, CKB POS terminals make an invaluable part of your business. We boast the largest network of over 5000 CKB POS terminals that supports the leading global card brands such as Mastercard, VISA and American Express.

CKB Mastercard® Business Debit Card is intended for all legal persons that operate on the territory of Montenegro and are clients of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka, and is linked to the enterprise's account. The card users may perform transactions up to the amount of funds available in the account linked to the card, including allowed limit (overdraft), in accordance with the preset daily ATM and POS limits. Daily limits on ATM and CKB POS terminal can be changed in CKB GO application and at the nearest CKB business unit.

Besides withdrawing cash at ATMs and paying for goods and services at POS terminals anywhere in the world and on the internet, you can now use ATM cash-in service to deposit cash in the account linked to the card. Pay cash to your account and use it immediately without going to the bank or waiting in queues.

CKB GO is an innovative banking service enabling you to perform all transactions and manage your finances using personal computer, tablet computer or cell phone. Getting the overview of balances, transactions, accounts, cards, loans and savings, effecting national and international payment transactions, managing cards and checking your loan obligations are just some possibilities of this advanced digital service.

Product price

At the price of 9€ per month, CKB business plus package provides:

  • CKB POS terminal*
  • CKB Mastercard® business debit card with cash-in option
  • CKB GO internet and mobile banking for micro and small enterprises

*The acquirer may be released from paying monthly fee if generates the monthly turnover of minimum 1,000€ per CKB POS terminal. In case of several CKB POS terminals installed, the acquirer may be released from paying monthly fee if the total amount of monthly turnover at all CKB POS terminals equals the amount of minimum turnover of 1,000€ per each CKB POS terminal regardless of the amount generated individually.

How to apply

To apply for CKB Business Plus package, please visit nearest CKB branch and sign necessary documentation.